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Nevada Guard Association
Corporation Membership Program
The Nevada National Guard Association is the professional organization that represents the nearly 4,300 Nevadans who proudly serve their state and nation in the Nevada Army and Air National Guard. NNGA is an active affiliate of the National Guard Association of the United States.

The officer association works closely with the Nevada Enlisted Association and together with the senior leadership of the Guard, public officials at all levels, and industry to pursue mutual goals. The NNGA has the contacts and the credentials to be effective at the national and state levels.

NNGA members serve as leaders on many national taskforces and committees. Because the Nevada Army and Air National Guard have such varied mission sets and weapons systems, we naturally have a seat at the table providing input across the spectrum of defense policy and issues.

At its annual conference, NNGA considers resolutions to address issues of national and state importance. These resolutions shape the legislative priorities for NNGA for the year ahead. Many resolutions considered at our annual conference have been enacted as federal and state laws.

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